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听电影学英语-日落之前 03

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听电影学英语-日落之前 03

  00:01.40Thank God you didn't. 谢天谢地你没去
  00:02.20-Oh, my God. -Thank God you didn't. -哦,上帝 -谢天谢地你没去
  00:04.20Thank God I didn't and you didn't. If one of us had showed up alone... 谢天谢地你没去我也没去 如果我们俩只有一个去了...
  00:09.88-...that would have sucked. -I was so concerned. -...对方就被骗了 -我过去一直很担心
  00:11.28I felt horrible about not being there, but I couldn't. My grandma died... 没能去成我真的很担心,但是 我真的去不成。我奶奶去世了...
  00:15.56...and she was buried that day, December 1 6th. ...而且她那一天下葬,10月16日
  00:19.44-The one in Budapest? -Yes. You remember that? -布达佩斯的那个吗? -是的。你还记得?
  00:21.68-I remember everything. -Of course, it was in your book. -所有的事我都记得 -当然,你都写在了书里
  00:24.40But anyway, I was about to fly to Vienna, you know... 但是不管怎么说,我都准备 去维也纳的,你知道...
  00:26.40...and we heard the news about her, and of course I had to go to the funeral. ...我们听到了她的消息 当然我不得不去参加葬礼
  00:31.36Yeah, I'm sorry to hear that. 是的,听到这我很难过
  00:32.96I know. But you weren't there anyway. 我知道。但是无论怎样你都没去
  00:36.84Wait. Why weren't you there? 等等。你为什么又没去呢
  00:41.68I would have been there if I could have. I made plans.... 如果能去起我一定去了 我计划了...
  00:43.80You better have a good reason. 你最好有个好理由
  00:47.56What? 什么
  00:49.32Oh, no. 噢,不
  00:51.72No, you were there, weren't you? 不,你去了,是吗
  00:54.80Oh, no, that's terrible! 噢,不,太可怕了
  00:57.28I'm laughing, but I don't mean it. 我是在笑,但我不是那个意思
  00:58.76Did you hate me? You must've hated me. 当时你恨我吗 你一定恨我了
  01:00.88-Have you been hating me all this time? -No. -直到现在你一直在恨我吗 -没有
  01:04.64-Yes, you have. -No. -不,你恨我 -没
  01:04.76But you can't hate me now, right? 但是你现在不能恨我了,是吗
  01:06.92-I mean, my grandma-- -I don't hate you. It's no big deal. -我是说,我奶奶-- -我不恨你。那没什么
  01:11.40I flew all the way over there, you blew the thing off. 我千里迢迢飞过去 你却放我的鸽子
  01:13.32My life's been a big nosedive since, but it's not a problem. 从那以后我的生活变得一团糟 那也没什么
  01:17.56-No, I'm kidding. -Don't say that. I can't believe it. -不,我是在开玩笑 -别那么说。我不相信
  01:20.68You must have been so angry with me. I'm so sorry. 你一定很生我的气 我真的很抱歉
  01:22.24I wanted to be there, more than anything in the world. 我有想去那儿的,比做世界上 任何其他事的愿望都强烈
  01:24.04-Honestly, I swear-- -You can't be angry, my grandmother-- -说真的,我发誓-- -你不能生气,我奶奶--
  01:26.64I know. I honestly thought that something like that might have happened. 我知道。当时我真的在想 肯定是发生了什么事
  01:30.00I was definitely bummed, but.... 毫无疑问我当时是不高兴 但是...
  01:33.08Mostly I was mad we hadn't exchanged any phone numbers or any information. 我最恼的是我们没有留下 电话号码或者其他的信息
  01:36.56That was so stupid. No way to get in touch. 那真的很愚蠢 没有办法联系
  01:39.24-Nothing to go on. -I didn't know your last name. -毫无办法 -你姓什么我都不知道
  01:43.24Remember, we were both afraid if we started writing and calling... 想想看,当时我们都 害怕开始写信打电话...
  01:44.72-...that it would slowly fade out. -lt definitely wasn't a slow fade. -...那样会慢慢的淡去 -一定会慢慢的淡去的
  01:50.28We wanted to pick up where we left off. 当时我们都想重温旧梦
  01:50.68No, it sure wasn't. 是呀,幸亏当时不是那样
  01:52.28Which would have been fine if it had worked. Oh, well. 到底哪样会更好。噢,是的
  01:56.12So.... 那么....
  01:58.64-How long were you in Vienna, then? -Just a couple days. -你在维也纳呆了多久呢 -只有几天
  02:05.72Did you meet another girl? 后来你遇到其他女孩子了吗
  02:06.20Yeah, her name was Gretchen and she was amazing. 是的,她的名字叫Gretchen 而且她真的很令人惊奇
  02:08.44The book's really a composite of the two of you. 实际上这本是你们俩个的综合
  02:11.04No, I'm kidding. You wouldn't believe-- I even went back to the train station. 不,我开玩笑的,也许你不信- 我甚至去过火车站

  02:15.04I put up signs of my number in the hotel in case you'd been delayed. 我把自己的电话留在旅馆里 如果你去晚的话能和我联系
  02:20.12-I was a total dork. -Let's go this way. Did you get any calls? -我真是个呆子 -我们从这边走。你收到电话吗
  02:23.40Just a couple hookers looking for a gig. 只有几个妓女来兜生意
  02:27.24No, it was awful, I mean, what do you want me to say? 不,当时真是太糟了,我是说 你要我说什么好呢
  02:29.16It's so sad. I'm so sorry. 真悲惨。真的很抱歉
  02:32.72I walked around for a couple days. Eventually, I flew home. 我在附近转了几天 最后,我飞回了家
  02:33.80I owed my dad 2000 bucks... 我欠了爸爸2000美元...
  02:37.68...who had warned me about French chicks. ...在那之前他曾告诉 过我要提防法国女人
  02:40.48What did he tell you about French women? 他是怎么评价法国女人的呢
  02:42.88Nothing. He's never met any French women. 没什么。他从没见过法国女人
  02:42.96He's never been east of the Mississippi. 他从没到过密西西比河以东的地方
  02:46.72Why didn't you put, "Six months later, the French bitch didn't show up"? 你为什么不说,"六个月 后法国婊子没有出现"呢
  02:49.32No, but I did, I did. 不,但是我写了,我写了
  02:53.52-You did? -Yeah. No. I made it more hopeful. -你写了吗 -是的。不,我赋予它更多希望
  02:54.08I wrote this fictional version where you do show up. 在这部小说中我写到你出现了
  02:59.04-Oh, what happens? -Well.... -哦,发生了什么事呢 -唔...
  03:02.12What? 什么事呢
  03:04.24We make love for about 1 0 days straight, that's one part of it. 其中一部分是 我们一连做了10天爱
  03:07.92-lnteresting. So the French slut, right? -Yeah, exactly. -真有趣。所以说是法国荡妇,是吗 -是的,没错
  03:10.92It's just then they get to know each other better... 就是那时他们相互 之间更加了解了...
  03:12.60...and realize they don't get along at all. ...然后意识到他们 根本不能和睦相处
  03:15.44-I like that. It's more real. -My editor didn't think that way. -我喜欢。那样更加真实 -编辑可不那么想
  03:17.32Everyone wants to believe in love. It sells. 人人都信奉爱情 那样卖的好
  03:20.52Yeah, exactly, so.... 是的,没错,所以...
  03:22.32So things are going well for you, right? I mean.... 你的生活蒸蒸日上,是吗 我是说...
  03:27.52-Your book is a bestseller in the U.S. -It's a tiny bestseller. -你的书在美国热销 -只是小有成就
  03:29.16-Oh, come on. -All right. Officially, yes. -哦,好了 -好吧,是的
  03:32.08Most people haven't read Moby Dick. Why should they read my book? 多数人没看过摩比 迪克 他们为什么要看我的书呢
  03:36.16I haven't read Moby Dick and I liked your book. 我也没看过,但我喜欢你的书
  03:36.92-Thanks. -Even though... -谢谢 -虽然...
  03:40.92...I thought you idealized the night of it. ...你把那天晚上理想化了
  03:43.80Come on, it's fiction, right? 好了,这是小说,不是吗
  03:45.28-I'm supposed to-- -I know, I know. -我应该-- -我知道,我知道
  03:46.76I know. I thought there were times where you made me.... 我知道。我想有时候你使我...
  03:51.48Well, I mean, her, right? No, me. Okay, whatever. 唔,我是说,她,对吗 不,是我。好的,怎么都行
  03:54.64-A little bit neurotic. -You are a bit like that, aren't you? -有点儿神经质 -你是有点儿,不是吗
  03:58.88-You think I'm neurotic? -No, no, no. Come on, I'm kidding. -你认为我神经质吗 -不,不,不。好了,我是逗你玩
  04:00.48Where did I do that? I didn't do that. 我什么时候那样了 我没有那样
  04:02.60Oh, maybe it's just me, you know.... 哦,也许只是我,你知道...
  04:05.24Reading something, knowing the character is based on you... 看了些东西,知道其中 的人物以你为基础...
  04:09.16...it's both flattering and disturbing at the same time. ...既感到荣幸同时又有些不安
  04:11.64How is it disturbing? 怎么会不安呢
  04:15.60I don't know. Just being part of someone else's memory. 我不知道。只是因为成了 某人记忆中的一部分吧
  04:18.08Seeing myself through your eyes. 透过你的眼看到了我自己
  04:20.28How long did it take you to write it? 那本书花了你多长时间
  04:24.76Three or four years, on and off. 三四年吧,写写停停的
  04:26.76Wow, that's a really long time to be writing about one night. 哇,花了那么长时间写一晚上的事

  04:31.24Yeah, I know. Tell me about it. 是的,我知道。和我 谈谈那晚上的事吧
  04:34.12I always assumed you had forgotten me. 我一直以为你已经把我忘了呢
  04:36.60No, I had a pretty clear picture of you in my mind. 不,你在我脑海里的印象很清晰
  04:39.48-I have to tell you something. I just.... -What? -有些事我一定要告诉你。我只是... -什么
  04:40.76I've wanted to talk to you for so long that now-- It's just surreal, you know? 长期以来我一直想和你谈谈-- 有点儿超现实,不是吗
  04:44.80I feel like everything should be-- 我现在感觉任何事都应改--
  04:46.52How long do we have? Twenty minutes and 30 seconds? 我们还有多长时间 20分钟30秒吗
  04:51.08We got more than that. I wanna know about you. 不只那个 我想更多的了解你
  04:52.08Tell me, what are you doing? What are you up to? 告诉我,你在忙什么 近来怎么样了呢
  04:54.44Where to start? I work for Green Cross. It's an environmental organization. 从哪儿说起呢?我为绿十字工作 那是个环保组织




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